What if you could transform your knowledge into a scaleable, income generating online course?


What if you could transform your knowledge into a scaleable, income generating online course?


Online Course Blueprint is a self-paced online program that will teach you how to create, market and sell your very own online course.


Online Course Blueprint is for you if...


 You’re a service provide in the health & wellness industry (ex. dietitian, nutritionist, health coach, pharmacist, naturopath, etc.) who wants to replace 1:1 work with an online course, either you’ve maxed out the time you can spend with clients or you’re just feeling burnt out and want an additional income stream

✔ You have an idea for an online course but you're feeling overwhelmed with all the steps it takes to create

✔ You want to create a course but you’re struggling to understand how to package your knowledge into something automated 

✔ You’ve asked yourself - but am I enough of an “expert” to create a course?? 

✔  You’re worried that your course won’t sell if you create it

✔ You've thought about doing this for a while but work and life commitments keep getting in the way of you making progress

✔ You’re looking for support and accountability to help you start to take action and actually make it happen

✔ You want to learn the start to finish process: how to come up with your course topic, map out the lessons, how to actually create the course (ie. the tech stuff), market AND sell

Okay, but what IS an online course?  

So glad you asked! Your online course is a way to package up the information that you teach your 1:1 clients, record that information and sell it as an automated product.

Health & wellness service providers can use an online course in 3 ways:

1. You can sell it as a standalone product… 

Say hello to passive, recurring income that doesn’t require you to work with clients 1:1!

2. You can incorporate it into your 1:1 sessions so that you’re not repeating the same content over and over again.

Say hello to automation, allowing you to spend more time on strategy and action planning vs. education, leading to better client outcomes. 

3. You can incorporate it into a group program

Say hello to scaleable income! This allows you to sell your program at a higher price point without having to exchange more of your time for money. 

Hey, I'm Krista!

I'm a fellow Registered Dietitian, and I have sold over $100,000 in online course content in the last 18 months. 

As a 6-figure business owner, I want to teach you how to scale your business and make massive impact. 

After countless rounds of trial and error with my own online courses, I now have a formula that WORKS. 

Now, I want to teach you all my secrets so you don't make the same mistakes. 

Are you ready to be my next success story? 

- Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

What you'll learn with Online Course Blueprint

Having doubts? Let's squash those right now...

Online Course Blueprint (Lifetime Access)

  • 12-week self-paces online course, lifetime access so you can complete the content at any time
  • Online Course Blueprint Community Forum so that you can ask questions and troubleshoot along the way (monitored daily for timely responses!)
  • Email and social media templates (the exact templates I have used to generate over $100,000 in online course sales)
  • Audio recordings so you can access the course content on-the-go
    • Canva 101 Course - How to create beautiful course and social media templates
    • Instagram 101 Course - How to come up with content topics to attract your ideal client
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