DSC was created for you, dietitian. 

We believe that in order to make positive, lasting change in the field of dietetics, we need to support our profession to build and develop their expertise.
The nutrition field is constantly changing and evolving, you shouldn’t have to manage that alone. That’s why we offer an affordable membership to provide widespread access to our materials to dietitians and dietetic students around the globe.

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At DSC, we operate by four core values:


We do things differently. We believe that the evolution of dietetics is in our hands and it is up to us to create the future we want. We are unafraid to take the lead and pave the way.


We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect in our community. We hold our content creators and community to a high standard, and believe in paying all creators a fair and equitable wage.

Inclusion & Accessibility

We are a gathering space for ALL dietitians and dietetic students. We believe that the future of dietetics lies in diversity of thought and experience. We are committed to ensuring that we amplify voices from BIPOC, PWD and LGBTQ2S+ communities.


We welcome feedback and incorporate all member comments into our resource development. We also take resource requests from our members, to ensure you are getting the support you need.

The DSC Team

DSC currently includes 3 core team members. We also work with countless dietitians on a contract basis. Check out some of our amazing contractors here.

Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Founder & CEO of Dietitian Success Center Inc.

Krista is a Registered Dietitian and the founder of DSC. She has a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Toronto and is graduating from the University of Guelph Master of Business Administration program in 2022. She is a huge proponent of making forward progress in the field of dietetics and loves to challenge the status quo.

Krista is an endurance athlete, and completed her first Ironman triathlon in September 2021. She LOVES baking and hiking with her husband and dog, Chandler (yes, named after the Friends character!)

Krista's role: As the founder of DSC, Krista's role is to outline the strategic direction for the company and ensure that we are making our mission come to life. She also develops the marketing strategy for DSC, including social media, blogging, word of mouth and The Dietitian Success podcast.

Favorite foods: Pizza and funfetti birthday cake

Favorite DSC resource: I learned SO much from the fertility and hormone content we have. I also love the Ultimate Nutrition Business Checklist, because it provides a super comprehensive but simple step-by-step pathway for nutrition entrepreneurs.

Olivia Farrow, RD, MHSc

Content Manager for Dietitian Success Center Inc.

Olivia is a Registered Dietitian and holds a Master of Health Science in Nutrition Communication. She loves designing client handouts and translating research into ready-to-use dietitian resources for DSC. She also has a private practice and online courses for infant & toddler nutrition. Olivia is also a mom of two little boys and loves cooking, reading and growing food in her garden. 

Olivia's role: As the Content Manager, Olivia primarily manages our nutrition content creation. She utilizes her clinical background and skillset in patient-focused communication to develop our client materials. She also involves subject matter expert RD's where necessary to ensure that our content is reviewed and evidence based.

Favorite Foods: Chocolate and freshly picked strawberries - even better when combined! 

Favorite DSC Resource: I learned so much from the Intuitive Eating course!

Maria Dellanina, RDN

Content Assistant for Dietitian Success Center Inc.

Like all dietitians, Maria is about balance & variety - whether it's with her food choices or career choices! Since becoming a dietitian in 2018, Maria has worked in food product development, nutrition consulting and behind the scenes on web and course development for other companies. Maria also works with students at her alma mater, Dominican University, to help them market themselves for, and match to, Dietetic Internships. 

She completed her Dietetic Internship through California Polytechnic State University- SLO.

Maria's role: As the Content Assistant for DSC, Maria helps to manage our CEU applications. She also runs our community Focus and Mastermind groups for the DSC Basic + Business Membership. Maria is passionate about working with nutrition entrepreneurs to bridge the gap for solopreneurs and give them a dedicated time and space to work on their business and to gain valuable feedback from their peers. 

Favorite Foods: Pasta of any and all kinds, mango, & anything with Greek yogurt

Favorite DSC Resource: This is TOUGH. I have to go with the private practice forms and documents from Business Setup Part 2- this made starting my practice a BREEZE. Perhaps even better is that because of them, my client onboarding now takes less than 30 seconds, which continues to save me so much time each week!

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