DSC was created for you, dietitian. 

We believe that in order to make positive, lasting change in the field of dietetics, we need to support our profession to build and develop their expertise.
The nutrition field is constantly changing and evolving, you shouldn’t have to manage that alone. That’s why we offer an affordable membership to provide widespread access to our materials to dietitians and dietetic students around the globe.

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At DSC, we operate by four core values:


We do things differently. We believe that the evolution of dietetics is in our hands and it is up to us to create the future we want. We are unafraid to take the lead and pave the way.


We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect in our community. We hold our content creators and community to a high standard, and believe in paying all creators a fair and equitable wage.

Inclusion & Accessibility

We are a gathering space for ALL dietitians and dietetic students. We believe that the future of dietetics lies in diversity of thought and experience. We are committed to ensuring that we amplify voices from BIPOC, PWD and LGBTQ2S+ communities.


We include you in the conversations about where your membership fees go. We operate on a fixed model, in which 50% of our revenues go towards paying employees and contractors, and 50% goes towards business expenses. 

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