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108: Mistakes & Failures - Picking Yourself Up & Moving Forward, with Stephanie Small

Season #2

In this episode of The Dietitian Success Podcast, I sit down with Stephanie Small, an RD and PhD student who helps athletes build fueling strategies to feel and perform their best. 

Stephanie gets vulnerable and opens up about some of the challenges and failures that she's experienced throughout her journey as a business owner - many of which we can ALL relate to. Specifically: 

  • Spending too much money on coaching programs, and what finding the 'right fit' looks like
  • Dropping $2000 on a web designer, only to have them ghost you
  • How to navigate the beginning stages of a business, where you're still figuring out your boundaries and a client takes advantage of that 
  • Getting accused of copying (even if you didn't), and how to pick yourself up and move forward