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Basic Membership

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Baby-Led Weaning

Covered: benefits and contraindications, how to get started, meeting nutritional needs, safety and preparing foods with how-to videos for food groups.

Client resources: getting started with baby-led weaning, infant feeding - allergens, iron-rich foods list, vitamin-C rich foods list.

Author: Olivia Farrow, RD, MHSc

Chronic Kidney Disease

Covered: diagnostic criteria, nutrition implications, meal planning to meet potassium, phosphorus, sodium and protein needs, case studies. 

Client resources: CKD nutrition basics, kidney friendly grocery list.

Author: Emily Campbell, MScFN, RD


Covered: diagnostic criteria, nutrition recommendations, diabetes teaching tools, carbohydrate counting, self-management of blood glucose, education skills, case studies.

Client resources: diabetes meal planning guide, low glycemic index foods list, food sources of fat, food sources of fibre.

Author: Emily Campbell, MScFN, RD


Covered: distinguishing between HAES(R) and non-diet approaches, incorporating principles into practice, current literature review, common misconceptions, counselling skills, case studies.

Client resources: HAES(R) question prompts, non-weight focused health goals list.

Author: Lisa Melo, RD


Infant Feeding

Covered: nutrition needs of infants, starting solid foods, infant feeding recommendations, baby food texture progression, responsive feeding, nutrients of concern, testing allergens, case studies. 

Client resources: allergen testing guide, food sources of iron, food sources of vitamin C.

Author: Olivia Farrow, RD, MHSc

Intuitive Eating

Covered: introduction to intuitive eating, 10 principles of intuitive eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, causes and prevalence of disordered eating, intuitive eating counseling skills, case studies.

Author: Abby Hsiao, RD


Covered: pathophysiology, treating common symptoms of IBS (constipation and diarrhea), red flags, medications and supplements for IBS, nutrition therapy for IBS, IBS counselling skills and case studies.

Client resources: nutrition for IBS fact sheet, food, mood & symptom diary, Bristol stool chart.

Author: Lauren Renlund, RD, MPH


Kids & Weight

Covered: interpreting growth charts, Ellyn Satter recommendations for tracking and monitoring growth, nutrition counselling strategies to help without harming, case studies.

Client resources: raising healthy eaters tip sheet, mix & match snacking guide for teens.

Author: Elise Harlow, RD, MS


Covered: how to implement low FODMAP with clients, deep dive into the three phases, troubleshooting when things don’t go as planned, case studies.

Client resources: low fodmap food list/high fodmap food list, low fodmap tip sheet, low fodmap reintroduction chart.

Author: Lauren Renlund, RD, MPH


Meal Planning 

Client resources: What is Meal Planning? - Guide, Build-Your-Own Salad Guide, Build-Your-Own Grain Bowl Guide, Weekly Meal Plan & Shopping List - Printable 

Motivational Interviewing

Covered: counseling skills for dietitian, building confidence using motivational interviewing, how to get clients results, building trusting, lasting relationships, creating positive client relationships, counselling techniques for virtual sessions and in-person.

Author: Jodi Robinson, RD, CDE


Covered: what is PCOS, PCOS diagnostic criteria, PCOS lab values, clinical signs and symptoms, medical nutrition therapy for PCOS, evidence-based nutrition interventions for PCOS, case studies.

Client resources: PCOS fact sheet, hunger & fullness scale, low glycemic index foods, omega-3 foods list

Author: Trista Chan, RD, MHSc

Picky Eating

Covered: Ellyn Satter division of responsibility, implementing the division of responsibility through different life stages (infants, older babies, toddlers, school aged children, adolescence), troubleshooting, case studies.

Client resources: picky eating tip sheet, mealtime conversation cards.

Author: Elise Harlow, RD, MS

Sports Nutrition 

Covered: calculating energy and macronutrient needs for athletes based on their sport, pre and post workout fueling, safe weight loss and weight gain guidelines for athletes, sport supplements. 

Resources: Calculating Nutrient Needs for Athletes (Cheat Sheet), Pre/Post Workout Fueling, Sport Supplements Guide

Author: Terence Boateng, RD, MHSc, CEP

Weight Stigma 

Covered: definitions of weight bias and weight stigma, current evidence related to the harms of weight stigma, the definition of weight inclusive approach to dietetic practice, how to use a weight inclusive approach with clients.

Author: Kyla Blackie, RD

CBT Counseling Skills (Coming Soon!)

Author: Kyla Blackie, RD

Plant-Based Eating (Coming Soon!)

Author: Kristen Carli, RD

Intermittent Fasting (Coming Soon!)

Ketogenic Diet (Coming Soon!)


Cannabis & Health (Coming Soon!)




DSC Course Content List -

Basic + Business Membership


Everything included in the Basic Membership


The Ultimate Business Checklist

Covered: outlines every step to Start, Grow and Scale your business in a step-by-step format.

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Pricing Guide for Dietitians and Students

Covered: how to price your services for 1:1 and project work (group presentations, writing, recipe development), how to structure packages

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Business Setup

Covered: includes all the steps for how to setup a private practice, including government, legal and dietetics considerations.

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Client Forms

Templates provided: 24-hour recall, 3-day food record, client agreement and consent form

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Accepting Insurance & Direct Billing

Covered: step-by-step instructions for how to set up direct billing for dietitians in Canada and the United States.

Defining Your Niche

Covered: a step-by-step guide for how to define your niche.

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Defining Your Offer

Covered: how to map out your offer, including brainstorming, creating packages/course content and pricing.

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Marketing Strategy

Covered: how to fully leverage online platforms (social media, blog, client referral websites) to get more clients.

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Social Media Strategy

Covered: how to use Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn effectively to get more clients and paying writing or recipe development jobs.

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Email Marketing (Coming Soon!)

Covered: why start an email list, technology recommendations, what to send out to your email list. 

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Authentic Sales Strategies (Coming Soon!)

Covered: how to sell your services in an authentic way to hit your monthly revenue goals and get more consistent clients. 

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Branding & Website Design (Coming Soon!)


Covered: how to create a stand-out, professional brand and step-by-step for building a Wix website.

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

How to create an online product (Coming Soon!)

Covered: coming up with your online course/product idea, step-by-step for how to create  it.

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

Planning a launch (Coming Soon!)

Covered: how to ensure that your program or product is a knockout success through a tried and true launch strategy.

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)


How to transition from 1:1 to a group program (Coming Soon!)

Covered: scale your business with a group program.

Author: Krista Kolodziejzyk, RD, MPH, MBA(c)

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